DK Solutions

What we do?

Real time platform to connect people, systems and machines to the internet, based on cloud services, telemetry devices, sensors and mobile applications.

Mobile Apps

Mobility solutions increase business efficiency, minimize costs and improve customer service.

Mobility tends to develop agility and productivity by providing economic processes, saving travel and infrastructure costs.

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It is a family of solutions that allow you to access your true and accurate field information from any computer or smartphone with internet access: weather station, silo bag, milk tanks, Dk-Track Logistics and Agrobit Trz Mobile.

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The city as technological platform of integrated systems to improve life quality and sustainable development

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Mobile Operators

Enterprise model for Mobile Operators is designed to provide a strong and flexible solution to their customers, this model include: a strong cloud platform, manage multiple clients, distribution, provisioning, easy trial mode, personalization and multi level support.

Ready to Sale and Ready to Run.

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