About Us

Who Are We?

Our Mission

Our collaborative models are designed to give people access to important and relevant information any time, any place thus simplifying communications and enhancing life quality.

DEKA GB is an environmentally conscious company committed to staying aligned with the environmental directives.

Our products are conceived under quality policies to pursue positive uses of mobile technology by reducing energy consumption, replacing paper usage and simplifying frequent tasks in daily life.

Positive Contributions

Mobility solutions drive greater levels of responsiveness, productivity and flexible working. Mobility tends to develop and maximize business productivity and efficiency to effectively serve clients minimizing infrastructure costs, improving business processes by reducing paper-based processes. The implementation of mobility solutions benefits the business, improves professional contact and ultimately increases revenues and reduces operational costs.

Our Values

  • Our processes are constantly evolving to respond to new business needs and opportunities.
  • Our human resources are continuously training to provide innovative and best-in-class software development.
  • Our commitment to up-to-date technology supporting high standards of quality and steady improvement.
  • We are concerned about the environment for social welfare.

Quality Policies

We work to innovate in software development by applying cutting edge technology to your business processes thus committing to our products and services.